If you are new to the England Hockey Player Pathway, you will be required to register your player online. 

It is free of charge to do so.

Please visit: www.playerpathway.englandhockey.co.uk/members/sign_up

and follow the instructions on the page.



For all players attending the Development Centre Sessions:

  • £40 per child for 1 day 
  • £75 per child for 2 days
  • £100 per child for 3 days



£10 per child for the assessment session. This fee is payable online through England Hockey player profile page, using GoCardless.

For players selected to the Academy Centre:

£140Training sessions per season, match shirt and mid-layer training top, socks
£10Per player per tournament

Fees should not be a reason to decline a place – please email us from the ‘Contact’ page on this website, we will provide appropriate support.


Bedfordshire hockey Code of Conduct:

The success of the Bedfordshire Hockey depends on developing a positive and safe environment, where everyone is treated with respect and everyone takes responsibility for their own behaviour. All players at Development Centre, during the Assessment Day and at the Academy Centre is being asked to follow code of conduct:

  • FAIR PLAY – Treat others with the same respect and fairness that you would like them to show you. Demonstrate “Fair Play” on and off the field.
  • EQUALITY – Respect differences in gender, disability, culture, race, ethnicity, and religious belief systems between yourself and others. Challenge discrimination and prejudice.
  • INCLUSIVENESS AND TOLERANCE – Appreciate that all participants bring something valuable and different to the County hockey. Value and learn from the diversity of people you meet and show patience with others and act with dignity at all times.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – Look out for yourself and the welfare of others. Do not engage in any irresponsible or illegal behaviour. Challenge behaviour that falls below the expected standards of the County hockey. Speak out if you are concerned about anything or if you feel uncomfortable about your own needs and those of others: be organised and on time.
  • FRIENDSHIP – Take time to thank those who help you take part – whether family, organisations or team mates.

Breaches of the code of conduct will be dealt with through disciplinary procedures a serious breach will result in an athlete being removed from Development Centre, Assessment Day or Academy Centre.

Our Players are aware that they are ambassadors for their family, county and sport, and take full responsibility for their actions.

Our players will not:

  1. Possess or consume alcohol or illegal and performance enhancing drugs
  2. Smoke
  3. Use foul or abusive language
  4. Tolerate or be involved in discrimination of any kind
  5. Engage in any inappropriate behaviour, on and off the pitch and online

For more information on England Hockey Safeguarding Policy please go to:




Please take time to read this information – it will help your Development & Academy Centres run smoothly. 


Bedford Hockey Centre, Chester Road, Bedford MK40 4HL 


Available at Bedford Hockey Centre but at peak times, please also use Biddenham International School, MK40 4AZ (accessed off Biddenham Turn) and use footpath to walk across playing fields.  Players must be accompanied by parents when walking to and from Bedford Hockey Centre.  There is a gated fence across the path by the pitches, this will be unlocked for the duration of training.  Players are asked to shut the gate after use but please do not touch padlock.  Map at end of site information. 

Please respect other users of the car parks and be considerate – one car per parking bay.  Please respect our neighbours in residential areas and do not park roadside. 


We will be using the 2 astro pitches directly next to the Hockey Centre.  Players are not permitted on pitch unless accompanied by a coach.  Players must not play with hockey balls on grass areas surrounding pitch.  During evening training sessions, the floodlights will be turned off as soon as players exit the pitch. 


The first pitch (nearest Hockey Centre) has a designated spectator area.  The second pitch (furthest from Hockey Centre) does not have a spectator area, so for safety reasons, all spectators must watch from outside the cage.  Only coaches and players are permitted within the pitch areas.  There is no spectator shelter (except within Hockey Centre) so bring sufficient wet weather clothing (and sunscreen depending on weather conditions). 


Should you wish to take your own photographs please ensure you have signed the appropriate registration form which will be held by the Coaches and/or Centre Administrators within the Hockey Centre.  Bedfordshire Hockey promotes positive imagery and we ask parents, family, carers and supporters to help us achieve this.  For those on the sidelines wishing to take images of the action, we ask you to consider where you post your images.  If sharing on social media, we strongly recommend that U18s cannot be identified by name.  You may be taking/sharing images of other people’s children so please exercise care. 


Hot drinks will be available at evening training sessions.  [The bar may be open (crisps, chocolate and soft drinks) during day training sessions.  Bacon sandwiches may be available during morning sessions.] 

Players – please be guided by what your coach advises you is nutritionally acceptable.


Any litter you have MUST be placed in the appropriate bins. Please take great care in taking all rubbish with you and under no circumstances should water bottles etc be left round the pitch. If you see someone throwing rubbish, take the lead and ask them to put it in the bin. Remember it is not only your personal image that is on the line but also that of England Hockey. If the bins are full please inform the Hockey Centre and use bins within the Centre. 


The changing rooms can be found within the Hockey Centre.  


First Aid Kits will be pitch side during training under the control of the respective Coaches/Managers. 


In the unlikely event that a serious injury occurs the local hospital is Bedford Hospital (South Wing), Kempston Road, Bedford MK42 9DJ

 Driving Directions to Bedford Hospital 

  1. Take Old Ford End Rd and Ford End Rd to Prebend St/A5141 
  2. Continue on A5141 to S Wing Hospital 
  3. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto Prebend St/A5141 
  4. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Cauldwell St/A5141 
  5. Continue onto Kempston Rd/B531 
  6. Continue on S Wing Hospital to your destination 
  7.  Head north-east on Biddenham Turn towards Darlow Dr 
  8. Turn right onto Bromham Rd/A4280 
  9. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Ashburnham Rd/A5141 
  10. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Midland Rd/A5141 
  11. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Prebend St/A5141 
  12. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Cauldwell St/A5141

  13. Continue onto Kempston Rd/B531  

  14. Continue on S Wing Hospital to your destination



  • Please do not run around the grounds or the Hockey Centre – running can lead to injury.  Do not leave the site at any time during the session.  Leave plenty of time to get to your pitch.   
  • Pay attention to information that comes from your Coaches or Centre Manager. 
  • Please ensure you bring plenty of fluids with you for the day and/or evening. 
  • Please bring sunscreen, warm and waterproof clothing to all sessions as weather conditions may vary during the course of the day.  Layers work well so that you can add/remove clothing as appropriate. 


My player is registered on PPS but I’ve forgotten the password and/or username – what should I do? 

Click on the registration link www.playerpathway.englandhockey.co.uk/members/sign_in and choose the option to reset your password at the bottom of the screen.  On the next screen you will also be given the option to receive a prompt for your username.   

My player would like to attend U13 Development Centre but can’t make any dates – what should I do? 

Please register player using link below.  Do not make payment.  Click on Schedule on your player’s home page; you will be able to see all training sessions for Bedfordshire Development Centres.  Click on Training Invitations to let us know if your player can or can’t make sessions – tick box to left of each separate session and then use drop down menu on right to select available/unavailable to submit correctly.  We will be in touch after the 31st of July to discuss further.  Please email us if unsure. 


My player has been nominated for U15/U17 Academy Centre Assessment but can’t make the date – what should I do? 

Please register player using link above and make payment.  Click on Schedule on your player’s home page, you will be able to see all training sessions for Bedfordshire Development & Academy Centres.  Click on Training Invitations to let us know if your player can or can’t make sessions.  We will be in touch to make alternative arrangements. 

 My player is going into Y6 in September but is born in 2009, why can’t they attend U13 Development Centre when some of their friends in the same year are attending? 

The Player Pathway is designed to feed into the National Age Group Squads (at the highest level) so is based on birth years rather than school years.  Players born in 2008 are already a year “young” for the U13 age group so we cannot take players born any later. 

 My player is going into Y8 in September and his birthday falls on or before 31 December 2006, why do they have to register for U15 age group when all their friends are in U13 age group? 

The Player Pathway is designed to feed into the National Age Group Squads (at the highest level) so is based on birth years rather than school years i.e. ages as at 31 December.  Players born in Y8 born on or before 31 December will be 13 before the end of this year so are too old to compete in the U13 age group.  Our coaches will ensure that they have a positive experience in U15 age group and integrate fully into the squad.  If you have any concerns at a later stage, you should contact your squad manager/coach directly. 

 My player is born in 2007 and attended Ouse Valley Academy Centre U13 training last year, should they still attend U13 Development Centre in August

If players are available, we recommend attending Development Centre.  Training will be led by Academy Centre coaches offering a further opportunity to develop hockey skills but without the requirement to prepare a team for competition.  This offers a different training environment to Academy Centre.  We will organise activities to ensure that all players have a positive experience and have opportunities to develop their hockey beyond their current playing experience. 

 Why is training in Bedford? 

We require access to a double pitch and a clubhouse to provide an appropriate training environment. 

 Why is Academy Centre training on a Monday night, finishing at 9pm which is quite late?   

Training is no longer on Sundays to avoid clashes with junior club training – this impacts Academy Centre players who play and/or coach at clubs.  Also, many of our coaches play National League hockey on Sundays or East League Hockey on Saturdays so are unable to commit to more than 3 Sunday tournament dates.  Most club training sessions are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and survey feedback tells us that Friday nights are not popular with parents, players or coaches! 

We have found that 2 hour training sessions offer the best experience for players.  We recognise that rush hour traffic poses challenges for parents and coaches trying to get Bedford Hockey Centre (particularly with ongoing roadworks to the Bromham Road Railway Bridge and around Manton Lane).  Our solution is to start training sessions at 7pm and finish at 9pm but only once a month. 

 My older child would love to attend a Development Centre, why is it only offered to U13s? 

We are working hard to re-establish county hockey opportunities at all ages from U13 through to U17.  This is a significant undertaking requiring many volunteer hours as well as suitably qualified and experienced coaches.  Our focus this year is on establishing a thriving Academy Centre structure across all age groups.  Additionally, we have set up Development Centres at U13 as this is the point at which new players enter the Player Pathway.  In coming years, possibly even later this year, we may be able to expand our offering.  If you are interested in becoming involved as a volunteer or coach to help make this happen, we’d love to hear from you, please get in touch using ‘Contact’ page on this website. 

 What happens after U13 Development Centre? 

Selected players will be invited to attend the U13 Academy Centre Assessment on the 8th of September (1-3pm).  Selected players will be notified by 1st of September.  There will be a charge of £10 for the Assessment and additional details will be sent with the selection notice.   Players who are not selected for the Academy Centre Assessment at this time, are encouraged to continue to develop their hockey through their school and/or local club.   

 What happens after U15/U17 Academy Centre Assessment? 

Players will be notified whether they have been selected to attend Academy Centre by the 20th of September (U17) or 27th of September (U15).  Players not selected for Academy Centre training at this time, are encouraged to continue to develop their hockey through their school and/or local club.  We may also offer some additional courses during the year subject to coach and volunteer administrator availability.